When the clutch is pushed, a squeak occurs

When I push the clutch, it squeaks whilst I’m moving the pedal, stops when the clutch is fully depressed, then squeaks as I release the clutch. Happens both with the engine on and off and I’ve confirmed it’s not the pedal squeaking.

Does the squeak originate from under the hood, or in the passenger compartment?
Does this have a hydraulic clutch or clutch cable?
The sound could be coming from the pedal assembly, cable, or throw out bearing.


Model and year? I’ve had a clutch master cylinder make a little squeak before, but usually something like that is coming from something in the pedal linkage (before the CMC) that needs a little lube. If you aren’t sure where the noise is coming from, and you can hear it w/the engine off, use a length of old garden hose as a stethoscope to try to narrow down the source location.

There’s an arm that rotates when the clutch pedal is pushed in. The arm is on the side of the clutch housing and goes to the clutch shaft. You can find it under a rubber cover. The squeak may be at either end of the arm. A bit of light lube at the squeaky end has worked for me on my 1999 Honda and my 1984 Chevy. Don’t overdo it down near the clutch shaft - you don’t want oil to get on the friction surfaces.