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When it rains , it pours

Short version, I get a call monday from the garage. Either a five hundred dollar repair or a new car… new for me… I live in austin. Car has over 100K and is a 94 Jeep. Does that seem like a good price point to cut and run? CarMax anyone?

The long version would be better. If it is a $500 repair for wiper blades I would cut & run. If it is a $500 repair to jack the body up and slide in a new frame underneath that is a little better. DETAILS.

What’s wrong with it. I know gas is expensive, but if it is just out of gas $500 is high, but cheaper than a new car. On the other hand if it cracked a head and that needs replaced, $500 is cheap. In both cases it would be cheaper to fix than to junk and buy.

A five hundred dollar repair invariably pays for itself. Exactly what is the repair requirement? Carmax will give you a low price for a 94. they will have to wholesale it to an auction, and you essentially pay for that. Better is to sell the Jeep yourself, on the private market.

Basically, you should consider how far the $500 will take you. The only financial reason to give up a car is when the average monthly repair costs and time costs are greater than your average monthly “new” car payment + car tax (if applicable and more on a higher value vehicle) + increases in insurance (which will probably be more, also due to higher value).

On September 9th of 2007 I had purchased a car from carmax in Hillside Ill, I had purchased this car from the show room that they had there I was told about there 120 point inspection that they do on there cars and satisfaction guarantee?s and all the hoopla a car dealership will do to sell you a car, yes I did take it for a short test drive and all seemed fine at the time, I was exited about the car when I did purchase it until the the fist couple weeks I had it that?s when all the problems had started cruise control did not work so I had to take it back 2 -3 days gone, then there was an issue with a noise they had to replace a strut assembly, then again for sunroof they had to replace that had it for one day and they had to replace again gone for 1 week because 2nd time they put wrong sunroof in and had to reorder a new one. The list go?s on and on I have had that car in so many times I was starting to question there 120 point inspection and there repute and every time I did bring up the 120 point inspection they didn?t know what to say. They have also misdiagnosed my car many time and done repair work that could have been avoided before I purchased the car then if something would have gone wrong with it I would not be as angry as I am.
I did have extended warranty on it so much has been paid for by them however still had to take off of work and rent a car every time much came out of my pocket. I would also like to point out that all the misdiagnosis of my car and repair work they did on my car was all wrong and now I am paying for it. The car has always been garage kept and have never taken it on a road trip before until this labor day weekend of 7/4/09 I ran into a heavy rain storm on the way and to my surprise I felt water dripping from the hood of my car and when I touched the roof of my car it was soaked with water turns out the sunroof they installed was installed wrong and there was water going into the hood of the car! To top it off there was a strange noise in my engine I have complained about that before but seems they always took care of that with some other problem I don?t know I am not a mechanic so I trusted them with the work, however when I took it to family mechanic after I got home the first thing he did was look at the oil lvl and told me right away that the engine had been blown he told me oil lvl was 1 quart low and also asked me where did I get the oil change I explained to him at carmax, right away he said take it back to them that it was the cause for my engine to blow, I also asked him about the supercharge assembly that carmax says I needed and he explained to me that that was impossible they don?t go out I guess now I opened up a whole can of worms and learned that they did not do the proper work on the car as they should have and now that warranty has been expired it is all comeing out of my pocket, I complained to the Manager at carmax he said he will look into all this but will not admit to the malfunction of the engine due to low oil, but has admitted that there where mistakes made he is also willing to take off $500 off the engine but I would still have to pay the rest.
I am not happy with that and told him he says that?s the best he can do, the reason im not happy with that is because of all the repair work that had to be done to my car in the past all the times I had to take off of work, rent a car that?s come out of my pocket all for there mistakes they made I see no reason why I should even pay for anything because I been sold a lemon and given the runaround by them so many times, I have had enough I do not feel they should beable to get away with all this and I do feel some compensation is deserved not just for the lost time and money but also for the emotional stress they have put me through with that car its been very frustrating at the least not knowing what will go wrong next with the car. I am having them replace the engine because I do need the car but I will never deal with them again nor will anyone ells I know.
I have already reported them to BBB and am sending paperwork to Attorney General I would also like to have a Attorney and hopefully file a civil lawsuit against them I know the Lemon law does not apply to me because its been over 12 months, however I do feel something needs to be done about there practice.

Dont buy cars from CARMAX!!!