This old maxima

i have a 97 maxima with 150k miles(i bought it with 50k already on it). it has been a good car(mostly). but i have spent a lot lately keeping it going. starters here, gaskets there, o2 sensors, etc. it runs very well and handles well. no complaints about driving the car. i just replaced the valve cover gasket and realized that the intake manifold gasket and the rear main seal are leaking. i wont be able to fix myself, and having the work done will cost me a grand and change.

my question is, at what point do i say this car is worth saving, or set it on fire and ghost ride it down the hill to celebrate the 4th of july with the kids.

What will it cost you to replace it, as over against what it will cost you to maintain it?
The math is simple.

My economic thermometer is to calculate the yearly cost of loan payments, repairs, gasoline, insurance, etc for the existing car and what the yearly cost would be for a new or newer car. When the cost of maintaining the existing car becomes more than moving to new car, that is when I say “bye bye” and “Hello”.

I must question the accuracy of the diagnosis and the severity of the leaks on these two new problems, who says these issues must be made “perfect”?

Put cardboard under car and keep check on oil level and drive.