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When Is the New Design for the BMW 3-Series Due?

I’d like to buy a 2009 335iX, which received a “facelift” from the 2008 model. I have to finance on 60 months, so I don’t want to have 24 months to go to pay it off and see a completely redesigned 3 all over town. Is there any website where I can go to find out about when new designs are due, or do you have some skinny about the new 3?

There will always be a new model/redesign coming soon. Just buy what you want and don’t worry about it. If you’re paying off any car for 60 months you will be guaranteed to see a revision or two made to any model of car or truck during that that 5 year span.

BMW goes about 7 years on models,The new “3” showed up in 2006 (correct me if I am wrong) so I think you have a while to wait. Try Bimmer magazine,or search the web,it could be fun.

I think the new 3 showed up in 2005, but you may be right. The Wikipedia entry actually mentions that a new 3 is due in a couple years. My point is, it should be easier to research when a new design is due to hit the streets.

Make friends with “Bimmer” magazine,and you can always pour over R/T C/D M/T Hot Rod thats where it all started for me,loved those 60’s Chryslers with those big HP nembers.

A 5 year loan? Why not buy a Certified Pre-Owned 335iX? Edmunds says a 2007 sedan should cost a bit less than $35,000. A new one will cost at least $41,000. Even then, a 4 year loan seems like a long time. A non-CPO 2007 335xi will cost about $30,000 and up.

BTW, a 2007 Infiniti G35x starts under $25,000. You could save $15,000 and still have a car that is just as much fun on the road as the 335ix. Just as much fun? Sure…unless you drive so wildly that it is unlikely the car will last for 60 months. You can have the Bimmer later, when you can afford it.

Just a suggestion. Test drive the G35x and see if you like it, though. All it costs is a little time - a fun diversion on a Saturday afternoon.