Dodge Ram light problem

We have a 97 Dodge Ram and the park and dash lights have quit working. We have tried four new(not factory) switches with the same result - no lights. What else should we try?

Well, it would be normal to mention such a thing in your problem description/question, but since you didn’t I have to ask - you have checked all of the fuses, right? And the headlights work, but the parking lights don’t? Or by “park” did you mean the light for the gear selector?

Assuming you have checked the park light fuse, inspect the headlight switch connector for burned terminals. The headlight switch/connector can be damaged by adding trailer wiring to the tail light circuit. Recalls 819 and 820 address the need for a relay when adding additional lights.

What were the circumstances that led to the loss of dash lights? Was the radio replaced? Was a gauge added?

Fuses were a given - all OK
Park/dash-not burning
No burned terminals
Circumstances:Last driven by a teenage member of family. . So east of Vegas and south of particle collision
Radio - has a cassette converter stuck for a few years now.Prior to light failure it would try to engage but stopped along with mentioned lights

ALL fuses??? All fuses don’t matter. Can you identify the ONE AND ONLY fuse that powers the park/dash lights? Find that fuse and probe it on both sides with a test lamp.