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When A Dealer Mechanic Damages A Car What Do You Do?

I brought my 2017 car (21,000 miles on it) to a local dealer for an oil change (I didn’t buy it at this dealer but they are the biggest one in the area for my car make). I drove it home and a day later the car stopped while I was getting on the highway–it appears they didn’t put oil in after taking the old oil out. I was given a loaner and 3 weeks later I was given my car back with a new engine. I drove it home and when I got 2 blocks from home gray smoke started coming out of the engine so thick I couldn’t see out the back window. I was given another loaner and a week later I am waiting for my car to be fixed. This time I was told that “the turbo was not operating properly in the engine”.
My car was working perfectly before the oil change and now I feel like it is a lemon. What is fair to ask of the dealership? For them to buy the car for the price it was before the oil change?

The new engine didn’t come with a new turbo. So that would mean the old turbo was installed on the new engine.

When an engine is run out of oil, not only does it damage the engine, it also damages the turbo.

Why they would put a turbo that they knew was run out of oil on a new engine is beyond me.

Let them replace the turbo, and then see if things work out.



What @Tester said. And you owe nothing on the turbo replacement - don’t let them try to tell you otherwise.

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Ditto what Tester said.

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There is no way you’d be able to drive the car home if the dealer didn’t put any oil int it. It probably would have died before it left the dealership.