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Wheels got swiped

our 16’ company equinox had the wheels swiped over xmas break. quotes are about $2k to replace them. found some good rims at local yard for 50 each. might even have tpms sensors. throw on a new set of tires and its in the 800 range. but i suppose thats why you have insurance?

Over 20 years ago there was a local dealership that had a tent sale at the mall across the street from them. When the sale was over they went to retrieve the 5 cars that didn’t sell. 3 of those 5 cars had their transaxles stolen.

ironically my 2nd set of nox rims are 5x115 while the newer suvs are 5x120, i guess gm has a reason for changing the bolt pattern. not a lot of used fwd hi offset rims in the 5x120 pattern. they use 14mm studs too. unlike the earlier yrs 12mm

If the vehicle is not protected - then someone will try to steal it. I live in a fairly isolated neighborhood and neighbors have had attempted car thefts and break-ins. Most of us now have security systems with cameras.

suv is at office complex with poor lighting, no cameras and no way to change the setup. wheel lock? maybe 2 sets on each wheel?

Those cars transaxles that were stolen at the mall - the dealership never had a problem when the cars sat in their parking lot because of the 50+ cameras. But at the mall there were NONE. Easy pickings.

Yup, that’s why you have insurance. Which is the better way to spend your company money, insurance or security cameras or a dog or a garage? That’s a business decision.

It happens! Some years ago a friend rented a house in a so-so neighborhood . He parked his Honda Accord in the carport, and found the next morning all his wheels were stolen. The thieves were very efficient and quiet and left the car resting on plastic milk crates! I did not know milk crates were so strong.

His insurance paid for new wheels and ties!

Why would he need new ties ? :wink:


OK, TIRES!!! He has lots of ties already.

My dad had some new tires stolen off the back of his car, got new tires, and backed into the garage. The next day his battery was stolen :frowning:

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Back in the ‘70s, one of the teachers at my school had all 4 wheels (and tires) stolen from her Dodge Colt while it was parked in the teachers’ parking lot at our suburban school. She exited from the building at the end of the day, only to find her little car sitting on 4 cinder blocks. We asked the school administration to provide some type of security as a result of this incident, but–of course–they refused that request.

A Colt!!! I’d be impressed with thief who stole wheels but left the tires behind.

Thieves drove a stolen car into my neighborhood, stole the wheels, left it on blocks - what I get for living in a quiet out-of-the-way neighborhood.

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“A Colt !!! I’d be impressed with thief who stole wheels but left the tires behind”. ;0)

Back when I lived in Chicago…A place where this kind of stuff happens, I had my stereo stolen. They got in without breaking anything, removed the stereo without breaking anything and left all the dash parts and screws in a neat little pile on the front seat. and actually re-locked the car… True professionals.

claim submitted. will we have a 2nd run-in with crooks?

Yes , they will return to steal the replacement wheels and tires.


Someone stole the wheels and tires of Governor Jerry Brown’s car, parked in front of his personal house, some years ago. It was a Toyota Camry, by the way. No stinkin’ Maseratis for Jerry.

:grin: Well crooks gotta eat too. :pizza: