Factory alloys!

Am looking for a set of nice condition factory alloy wheels. 16-17" are somewhat easy to find. I did find a set of 18" alloys in exc cond for 500. Shops sells many fac takeoffs. Will not budge on price. Almost all aftermarket rims are $140-160 so I think the price is fair. Any thoughts? I like the 18" mostly for unique styling but they are also extremely rare for this car. Truth is, I have seen even fewer 17" rims for this car.

Where did you find them?
The price is not unusual for reconditioned wheels. If these are being sold on EBay or Craig’s List, be sure it’s a legit company advertising them or you could wind up with something not round or otherwise defective. If it’s a company selling them, like Keystone, it might be a good deal.

If it is a company, see if they have a site near you that you an pick them up at. That’ll save you shipping charges and give you a chance to look at the wheels.

What make and model of car do you have? I always stay with the size of the factory wheel for my vehicles just to be on the safe side. I do change wheels though from time to time.

its a newer gm suv. these wheels were a factory option on sport model. local shop so no shipping. tires included. good tread but weather checked. i think the tires are original also. 08 model yr. so, 600 for new tires too. hmm.

18" factory wheels for 500 for all 4, or per wheel? If it’s for all 4, that’s probably a fantastic deal assuming they’re legit and not knockoffs, and assuming they’re new-in-box. (of course, since you refuse to tell us exactly what you drive, it’s impossible for us to help you beyond vague probabilities).