Car locks Vs. mats, LoJack VS. no alarm

I just bought a new civic ex and was supposed to receive the weatherization set (rubber mats, cargo tray, mud gaurds) included in the price that we signed for. But when they finally got the car and before we drove it off the lot, I noticed it had cloth mats instead (which they didnt bother saying anything till I noticed). I asked about it and he said that when they trade the car the sets are different depending on what dealership they come from. We would have gotten the mats if we had gotten the car from their lot he said (which they didnt say in the beginning). He said the wheel locks were with the set instead of the mats. Which I didn’t really agree with, but this is the first time I’m buying a car and want to know if this is how it really works?

He said I’d have to buy them separately and pay to take the wheel locks off if I didnt want them. What’s up with this?

I looked online and locks are cheaper than the mats and I’m wondering if they are trying to pull one over on me.

Truth be told, I don’t mind the cloth mats and wonder if it would be better to have wheel locks on instead.

I am also wondering if it would be worth it to get LoJack the tracking device that the police run or have a regular alarm installed? The civic has an anti-theft device already installed in the car, so that if they try to hotwire it they can not move it unless towed.

What do you think?


First, I would think the salesman or his manager would satisfy your request. Note that they could just as easily and as quickly provided you a set of their dealer weatherization set mats by taking them out of a car on the lot.

Second, if this is a new car, then the weatherization set should have a stock number for the mats, and they owe you that as a set. If this is a dealer added option, and not a factory option, then what the salesman said might have some truth to it.

I think the salesman is taking advantage of this being your first purchase. If you feel intensely about this experience, go back and talk to the sales manager, general manager or the owner.


That dealership owes you the weatherization set because you paid for them. The wheel locks cannot be used to re-bargain for the mats after the fact and they can’t charge you to take them off since you didn’t order them.

The salesman is absolutely trying to pull one over on you.

Any decent dealership/salesperson would get your mats for you and let you keep the locks.

Talk to a manager at the dealership. If you aren’t satisfied, write the regional manager.

Don’t let them rip you off!!

Personally, I don’t think you need Lojack.

Please fight this ripoff and post back. I absolutely hate it when salespeople do things like this.

Ditto to all that the others said.

But also learn from this. The next time you make a major purchase of any kind, check everything out carefully to ensure that everything is as it should be BEFORE signing off acceptance of the product. You have far more power to get what you should before the deal is finalized and the product accepted than after.

Sincere best.

If you just purchased a new vehicle from these people, they shouldn’t be making an issue of something as petty as a set of floor mats! Talk to the manager or owner. Remind him or her that you just spent lots of money at the dealership and would expect better from them.

And as far as a security system goes, I’ve heard good things about LoJack. I don’t personally have it because my car is a Ford and nobody wants to steal it! :o)

You should get a break in insurance if it’s installed in your car.

Ok totally makes sense…so I have another question. Do the cloth mats come in all new cars or do you have to buy the cloth ones separately?

It all ended well…thanks for all of your advice. Called up and told them I did my research and they said they’d give me the mats. They want a good rating…that’s what’s most important to them.
Thank you!

It worked out well! I was all ready to argue my case and the manager tells me that so and so talked to him and told him I wanted the mats and so I’m getting them on my next trip in. I told him I felt like I was being ripped off so maybe those were the magic words. Thanks!