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Wheels for 1996 Camry


I really want to get rid of these 17" wheels I have on my camry and replace them with normal standard wheels… Can I replace these wheels with a set of standard steelies taken from a 2006 Camry?

Thanks for any advice!

The only thing you need to look for is if the smaller steel wheels interfere with the brake calipers. If they don’t then there’s no reason they can’t be swapped. If the vehicle has ABS, and the ABS light comes on after the swap, then the ABS computer may have to be reflashed for the new wheel/tire combination.


Yes, you can replace the 17 inch wheels with standard '96 Camry wheels, either steel or alloy.

Thank you for being so sensible.

You can obtain standard '96 Camry wheels from you local junk yard (excuse me, Automotive Recycling Center) or from a place like:

The bolt pattern and offset are the same, so they will probably fit. If it’s a Camry LE, it came with 14" wheels from the factory, so caliper clearance shouldn’t be a problem.

Tester, why would the ABS controller care or even know about the wheel swap as long as the overall tire diameter is the same on all four corners?

It looks like Sarah wants to replace her '96 17" wheels with '06 steel wheels. I don’t know, but I would bet the backspacing and/or bolt pattern is slightly different.

Edit: NYBo knows more than I. He says that the backspacing and the bolt patter is the same so it should be a go.

There’s no mention of the tire size being used with the steel rims. Since the VSS is intergrated into the ABS, a change in wheel speed can effect the ABS.