2013 Camry, confirm old winter tires won't work?

Hi there, I just purchased my first car. I got a 2013 Toyota Camry SE. My parents also replaced their car, but kept the winter tires in hopes they might fit my new sedan. Pardon my ignorance. I know the width of the tires can sometimes be interchangeable, but ALL the numbers are different, so I assume I have to get new tires.

HOWEVER, in the off chance that I do not need to pay MORE money after everything else this year, I will ask before lugging them to the tire shop.

Can I put old tires on new Camry.

Camry: 225 45ZR18 95W
Ion: 195 65R15 91T

(2013 Toyota Camry SE, was 2003 Saturn Ion).

It’s my understanding the Ion’s tires are too small?

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Open the Camry’s drivers door. You should see a sticker in the lock area (door pillar) that tells you which tire sizes are compatible. I expect you won’t be able to use the Ion’s tires, not so much b/c of their width, but b/c of their diameter (the number after the “R”) . 15 inch tires on the Ion, 18 inch on the Camry. But check what the door pillar sticker says before jumping to any conclusions. Note that even if 15 inch tires are compatible for your car, you may have to have all four 15 inch. Not 2 one size, and 2 another.


Thanks, I’ll take a look!

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If the Ion’s tires fit, be sure to ask the tire shop whether the Ion’s rims are compatible w/your Camry too. i.e. even if the Ion’s tires fit, they may have to be moved onto your Camry’s rims first.

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I predict your tire label reads 225/45R18, those are the tires on the car.

The last two digits in the tire size are the wheel diameter, this must be an exact match, you can’t mount a 15" tire on a 18" wheel.


Thanks. I’ll likely just bring the old tires into our guy to recycle or trade in :smiley: appreciate it

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In addition to the fact that you can’t put 15 inch tires on that Camry, if the winter tires from the Saturn are more than 7 years old, they should not be used as a result of their age. The rubber has more than likely hardened to a certain extent, and that would result in poor traction.

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ooops! yeah, there’s that problem as well . … lol …

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Use a web search to see how to read the manufacture date of your current tires . I suspect those Z rated tires will not much good in snow . Also a tire shop might just recommend all season tires for where ever you live .

Also since this is your first car read the owners manual . You don’t have read it all at once but that way you will have a better idea of how to take care of the car.


I have all seasons, but FWD. And I live in Southern Ontario, in the snow belt. So, I drive with all seasons year round, and get snow tires in the winter since I get some of the most snow in the world (only a couple place in Canada that beat me, and…some of Europe).

But I’ll go talk to my tire guy.

Thanks everyone. I had assumed I was correct, but Google searched proved people made adjustments I was sure they shouldn’t’ve.

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For where you live I’d get a second set of rims and snow tires, I got mine from Tire Rack, don’t know if they ship to Canada. And I’d go with a smaller wheel size, 16” might work. They’ll list the options that fit on their web site.

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You contradicted yourself. First you say you use all season radials all year then you say that you switch to some tires in the winter. Which is it? If you are in a city with streets that are plowed and the terrain is fairly flat, you might get away with all season tires. If you don’t have to drive when it snows then you don’t need snow tires.

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Your tires are standard for the SE model with the V-6. The 4 cylinder version had 17" wheels. I can give you two reasons why you cannot use your Ion wheels, if those tires were already mounted on wheels. The 15" wheels are unlikely to leave room for the brakes. The Ion had smaller diameter brakes. The hub size of the wheels probably would not match. IIRC Saturn used a 56 mm hub hole where a Toyota uses a 53 mm hub hole. The wheels would never center on the hubs and always wobble a little.

You could order new snow tires mounted on steel wheels from tire rack. I’d suggest 215/55-17 winter tires on 17x6 steel wheels. They will be more resistant to pothole damage. You could even go 205/60-17 if you want, but there would be less room for chains if neeed.


Darcie is going to talk to her tire guy . Which is what she should have done in the first place .


Just where do you livfe in Ontario? I just looked at several snowfall maps that indicate that the maximum expected snowfall in southern Ontario is 20 centimeters (44.8")

Buffalo NY is about double that, the Chautauqua Ridge off lake Erie gets triple that and just west of the Tug Hill plateau is about 4 times as much, all in NY State.

Since you live in Buffalo @oldtimer-11 , a Buffalo curiosity question: Watched tv episode about Air France Toronto plane crash, caused by bad summer weather, lightening, crosswinds. Common sense seems like would have been to simply land at different airport, given the weather conditions. Episode said the nearest diversion airport was Ontario (Canada), but wouldn’t Buffalo airport be a closer and better choice for that situation?

I don’t remember the Toronto crash in 2005, possibly because none of the 300+ people died, but wikopedia says smaller planes were diverted to smaller Canadian Airports but larger planes were diverted to Montreal, Syracuse or Toronto. Montreal and Syracuse are less out of the way if the planes were diverted early enough. I have no idea why the Air France flight was not diverted.

We get very little news of Canada on our stations unless you subscribe to the cable system that carries two Canadian Stations. Even then most people don’t watch them, there don,t seem to be a lot of common interest.

911 border restrictions and covid rules have greatly lessened cross border travel and interest. I remember when both sides crossed the border to buy gas or go to lunch or dinner. Now you need a special driver licence or passport and border tie-ups are common.

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Just an FYI:

If you go to Tire Rack and look up what winter wheels and tires fit Darcie’s car, you would have found that 16" is the smallest wheel diameter.


It seems to me that the preference would be to divert to an airport in the same country as the destination. Also, Buffalo is probably too close to Toronto and likely has the same weather conditions. Weather problems would probably preclude diversions from San Francisco to Oakland or San Jose.

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True enough, there are probably various visa & passport issues which create an inconvenience for the airport and airline if plane diverts landing from one country to another. However …
reminds me of a conversation I had w/a Sherriff’s deputy a year or two ago.

Deputy: Why are you riding your bicycle through this parking lot?
George: This section of my route is too dangerous to ride in the street.
Deputy: You should ride on the sidewalk then.
George: It is illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk. I might get a ticket.
Deputy: It is better to get a ticket than get run over.

If pilot’s choice is between the airline management’s preference, convenience, and safety, imo safety should take priority. Choice of course depends on weather conditions in Buffalo as well.

Another issue, at the time where diversion to another airport was considered, pilot was concerned whether plane had enough fuel to make it to Ontario.