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Fog light hole cover missing

The fog light hole cover is missing on my 2005 Toyota Corolla. Is it a crucial part that I should have replaced? Will I cause other damage to the car by leaving that hole there? I was thinking this might cause strain or damage to other parts by leaving that hole there. At the same time I don’t want to spend money on something if it’s unnecessary!

I would probably replace it - though I likely wouldn’t pay what a dealer wanted. I would probably replace it b/c if you look through the hole you’ll probably see your A/C condenser and radiator. Every rock that goes flying in there at 70 mph (or any speed for that matter) is one I’d rather keep out. Of course, you might just see your real bumper. Take a flashlight, look in there and see what you don’t want a rock hitting.

And you apparently aren’t so worried about cosmetics. So you could just make anything work. I still fix most everything with duct tape - much more fun now that it is being marketed in every color under the sun in addition to funky patterns (from tie-dye to flames)

The part can be found cheap:

But that’s a lot less fun than duct tape - especially if you get the hot pink stuff.

Yeah but it can out of hand. I’ve seen it.