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Wheel Vibration on 2001 GTP

I have a 2001 GTP. When I am getting on the HWY and I hit a little dip in the road there seems to be a vibration the in the left front tire. It only happens when I gut a dip in the road and the suspension if forced down.

2001 GTP, When Was The Last Time This Car Was Put On A Hoist/LIft For A Safety Inspection?

I’d do that. This sounds a little scary. You need to know what is causing this. There could be some worn component(s) in the steering / suspension areas.
that’s where I’d start.

Take it to a competent mechanic and tell he/she what you told us. Let them figure it out and to be sure it’s not dangerous.

By the way, when was the last time you checked the pressure in all 4 tires?


Frankly I agree with common sense answer. Safety should come first. If you feel really luck and can’t accept his answer, then you can try rotating the tyres front to back and see if it changes. My guess is it will not. I suspect a suspension issue.