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Wheel spins when breaking

My vue’s steering wheel started wobbling when driving 30 mph and stopped a few minutes after. Once we got the car up the front passenger side wheel didnt turn easily. The only time it started to turn was when we applied the breaks- any ideas what is causing the issue?

Something serious enough to stop using the car until it’s fixed. It sounds on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could hurt or kill someone.

Hence the post to see ifanyone can point the fix in the right direction

My guess is ball joint and/or tie rod ends. Whatever it is, it needs to be looked at and diagnosed and fixed. Please let us know what is found.

A competent mechanic needs to test drive the vehicle, both on the freeway and the streets. And he needs to make several brake applications, again, both on the freeway and on the streets

Then he needs to get the car on a hoist and perform a thorough inspection of the brakes, suspension and steering

Pep boys and Jiffy Lube should not be the ones diagnosing the car . . .

What yr vue. What motor. What trans? They had 3 different motors and 3 different trans but the suspension was basically the same.

This doesn’t sound like an issue with the engine or the trans.

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Make sure the lug nuts are in place and properly tightened on all the wheels. Loose lug nuts will definitely cause the steering wheel to wobble. Ask me how I know … lol …


Your post is a little hard to understand. What do you mean "Once we got the car up "?

the vue has elec boost steering module under the dash. i always wondered why they were gone in junkyard cars. guess folks want them. i replaced my intermediate shaft u-joint assy and found this out. seems a vue has no hydraulic power steering pump

I think this means they jacked up the front so the right wheel was off the ground.