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Steering issues . Need advice!

2006 Saturn Vue . Steering rack and tie rods replaced. I’m assuming it was not properly done?? Car is now making a loud clunking/ Popping noise when turning the wheel at little or no speed the steering wheel was not lined up right and off center and alot of play. Today after reversing and turning heard clunk now the steering wheel is completely upside down when driving straight. There has also been a whining noise. What would cause this ? The tie rods? Anything else ?? I’m guessing it’s prob not safe to drive with steering wheele upside down. Need advice

Have the vehicle towed back to the shop that did the work.

Someone may get fired.



It wasn’t done at a shop … it was done in my yard.

Then call who ever did the work if you want them to try and solve this . Or if you don’t trust them then since it appears you are not able to fix it yourself then a good shop is what you need.


I will guess that the steering column shaft never got tightened and just flopped 180 degrees. Do not let the person who installed your rack touch this car again. They are incompetent and have endangered your life.

Have it towed to a shop. Do not drive it, you may lose all your steering.


The vue has elec boost steering. No hydraulics in rack. The elec assist unit is under the dash. I do see the units removed from junkyard cars. But never the racks. They must fail? Elec issues?

Lol my boyfriend was the one who tried to fix it… He’s never done this type of job before. He’s learning. I do give him some credit cause he normally gets a job done fine and correctly. Def having issues with this.