Wheel problem on 2000 Ford Excursion

I have a 2000 Ford excursion that I purchased used. It came with after market rims. About 6 months ago one of the wheels fell of while driving down the road. This past Saturday, I noticed that a lug nut was missing. On top of that, the car has always wabbled heavily regardless of balancing, alignments, etc.

I’m now thinking about purchasing factory rims, but wanted to know if this will probably fix the problem of the falling-of-wheels, the missing lug nuts, and the wabbling.



howdy fellow ford owner
Did the truck always wabble when you bought it? I’m suspecting bent rim. Does it wabble just driving or under braking. The problem that some people overlook with aft.market rims is that the bigger, the heavier and it’s bound to wear excessively on brakes, especially the front. Most people do not upgrade to bigger heavier duty brakes when they put on aft. market rims. I’m talking about 18-20" rims. I apologize, you did have rims checked. Now I wonder about either bearings or balljoints. Is this truck 4WD? I’m all about factory rims, but I doubt it remedies wabble problem. You also didn’t specify which wheel it was. Nuts were probably not torqued properly, or excessive vibration is making them back off. Do you think you can give more info so all these great minds can come together and help you out?
thanks FoMoCo Buddy!

Thank you for the reply FoMoCo Buddy. I had tires checked, balanced, aligned, but never did have the rims checked.

The problem only happens when driving at speeds of 60 mph or faster. Braking is fine - no wabble. Also, it is 4WD and the wheel that came off was the front-left. The lug nut recently came of the rear-right wheel. I’ve had the lug nuts torqued on couple of occasions, but it is possibly in this day and age that both places didn’t know what they were doing.

I found some decent factory rims that I’m going to have put on. They have been checked to make sure they are not bent or otherwise damaged. I will certainly let you know if this corrects the problem.