Excursion is falling apart. HELP!

I own a 2001 Ford Excursion, 4x4, automatic , diesel with towing package. Four years ago I had the transmission replaced and the car subsequently started having problems. The fuel economy immediately dropped by 50% (to 11 mpg) and for the last 3 years, when I brake, the car shudders violently. Also, just this past year, my steering became very “loose” in that I have to turn the wheel many times for the car to turn (which makes life quite interesting on the mountain roads of NC). Since the braking issue started, I have had the rotors replaced 3 times (because they were warped, last replacement was 6 months ago, but were recently checked and found to be fine), brakes were replaced 5 or 6 times, and just last month the wheel bearings were replaced. Also, last month there was a recall and since then I have a noticeable loss of engine power. Also, I am still having my previous problems and am going to have to get rid of the car unless I can figure out the problem and fix it. I don’t know too much about cars, and apparently the mechanics don’t either who just last month at the Ford dealership told me everything was fine. Please help!

Please tell us why you still own this vehicle. Your post makes it sound like this thing has been a nightmare ever since 2004, when it was only three years old. Why have you kept it?

New transmission after only a few years? 11 mpg with a diesel? Are you crazy?

Let me rephrase that. If you’re willing to accept 11 mpg from a diesel Excursion, you ARE crazy. The steering issue confirms it. No one in their right mind would drive a vehicle with steering as you describe. Park this thing before it kills you!

What you’re describing sounds like a lemon to me.

A Ford Excursion should last almost FOREVER with little maintenance. Your vehicle is the exception to the rule. Quit wasting your money. Dump this junker ASAP.

It sure sounds like it has not and is not receiving proper maintenance. No one in their right mind should allow three years to go by if the brakes cause violent shuddering. If you are for real, I am sorry to say you seem to have brought on these problems yourself. If you are not for real, take your trolling elsewhere.

Let us know if you really want help. I would start by finding a real repair shop. Try the Mecanex files. You can find them on this web site. Otherwise start asking friends and neighbors who they use for maintenance. Note: dealers are not always the best choice.

Call a fuel injection repair place and see if they work on your model of diesel. They usually work on bigger trucks. When that doesn’t work, find a diesel place that can help. Or do it the other way round. For the turning problem, there could be a really bad idler arm. I wonder how bad your tire wear is? You never mentioned having it aligned. Do your tires require more pressure than you are putting in them? You might have the ones that require at least 45 pounds. If they say MAX 60 pounds, you should put more air in them. 32 might be way too low.