Wheel not turning?

I have a toyota 4runner stick shift with 4wheeldrive. It started making a loud metal sound near the front passenger wheel. I lifted the suv with jacks( all four wheels do not touch the floor) and put it in gear with the 4wheel drive on. All the wheels turn except the wheel where the noise seems to be coming from. I think that the noise is coming from a metal ball( I don’t know what it’s called) where the shaft and the cv joints/axles meet in the front. The noise is only made while the car is moving on the floor and not when it’s lifted. I have already replaced the cv joints and wheel bearings. I just wanted to know if I should start taking apart the metal ball thing? Thank you.

If you’re calling it a “metal ball thing” I might suggest that your repair knowledge level might not be up to the task - -at least, not taking it apart and getting it put back together again.

Have it towed to a shop. In addition to agreeing with Shadow, I should point out that the cause of the problem is more likely to be a frozen caliper than a “metal ball thing”. The only metal ball things I can think of are the ball joints and the tie rod ends, and neither will keep the wheel from spinning unless it’s falling off and hanging down.

You’ll save time, money, and possibly more serious damage by simply taking it to a qulified mechanic.

Sorry. No desrespect meant.