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Wheel bearing replaced, now hearing new noise

I had the front right wheel bearing replaced on my Toyota Corolla (60,000 miles) replaced a couple days ago. One day after the repair, I heard a high pitched clicking noise which was noticeable around 20-30 mph. Yesterday, I still noticed the high-pitched sound but also a grinding/popping sound in front left side when coming to a stop upon every rotation of the tire. Took the car back to the shop to let them listen to the noise, but really weren’t very compliant since it doesn’t sound like a wheel bearing problem. Any thoughts?

EDIT: here is YouTube link to noise car is making.

sounds like CV joints to me. No relationship with the repair on the other wheel.

I thought same thing but I don’t notice the noise while turning. Only when coming to stop.

you could take the tire off and turn the wheel by hand. It might give you a better feel of what causes the noise, Wiggle here and there and see if anything has too much play.

Find a road or street with no traffic and coast to a stop without using the brakes and see if it makes the noise. It sounds like a brake issue to me.

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One experiment you could try, see if the noise that happens when you are driving changes when you shift into neutral and coast.