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Wheel bearings or something else?

Hello all. I have a 2005 honda accord; brought it brand new in 2005. Everything on it has been working fine, and still is, but over the past year I have heard a sound coming from the tires, similar to the sound that a squeeky wheel from a shopping cart would make, and it happens whenever the tire is moving (so if the tire moves fast, the sound it fast, as the tire slows, the sound slows, et.), whether I am accelerating, braking or coasting. I am thinking about taking a road trip to Idaho this summer (and I live in New Jersey), so I was wondering if this is something that needs to get fixed. And what is it that is causing the sound in the first place? Thanks for any help!

It could be wheel bearings or worn brake pads. Worn brake pads could make a squeal even if you’re not braking since the pads usually make minimal contact with the rotors. I too, live in NJ. The stop-and-go traffic here is murder on any braking system.