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Wheel bearing service with rotor change

Need to replace the front rotors and calipers on my '99 Trans Am. Too much high performance braking and high performance pads. If my wheels feel ok, no play, should I repack my front wheel bearings? How much do I torque the bearing nut if I do repack them?

First off, are you sure your front wheel bearings can be repacked. Some time ago, they switched to mostly sealed bearings in many automakers. There is a torque on those sealed bearings, but it is much more than the torque for the wheel bearings you have to pack. The torque on the grease-able bearing hubs is very little. Most folks have their own method for tightening those (ie: tighten until the washer is stiff but move-able with a screwdriver, or tighten down, then back up nut until just over finger tight, or tighten down until there is no play in hub assembly. I’d first check out the type of bearing you have.

Benny has given you a method that has served me well with many types of cars. Techs at the Dealer were susposed to do a bearing pack every time they pulled a rotor (for turning or replacement) sadly many did not. It is work you can skip and chances were you would not get caught,bad policy in my opinion but mechanics are driven to produce and the chances of it comming back to bite you are low but they do exist,are you feeling lucky?

Yes, your paticular car is a sealed bearing car,no packing,no adjustment.Unsealed bearings ended in 1992 (I was amazed it was that long ago)

Last I checked, your car has sealed bearings and are not serviceable. No need, and no way, to repack your bearings.