Wheel Bearing failure

I have 2012 Impala and hit a pot hole blowing out the left front tire but rim was not damaged, replaced the tire. Now the shop tells me that the wheel bearing has been damaged and the hub/bearing assembly needs to be replaced. In all my year of being a back yard greese monkey I’ve never seen this happen. Is it possible that the bearing got damaged?

I think they want your wallet. I cant imagine the wheel not being damaged but the bearing is… Horse Feathers

It is possible you had a worn wheel bearing before the pothole incident. The shop’s warning could be legit. For now, if you are unsure, just replace the tire. You will be able to tell if the wheel bearing is bad when you drive off. It will make an unhappy sound.

Yes, it is possible that the bearing was worn prior to the pothole incident, but…on a 2012 car I think that it is not at all likely.

I would say that it’s entirely possible to damage a wheel bearing due to a hard strike like that. As a matter of fact, I would be a little surprised if something else is not tweaked. (control arm and alignment to name a couple)

What is the reason given for the bad bearing diagnosis? (Roughness, looseness, or both.)

What size tires and what type rims (alloy or steel). But I tend to be very skeptical.

Like ok4450, I’m curious about the diagnosis. Perhaps you could have someone else have a look at it.

A pothole could certainly damage a wheel bearing, I would try the warranty coverage first. What symptoms does this damaged wheel bearing display?

If you have a worn bearing on a 2012 vehicle then my name is Abraham Lincoln. The shop is full of it… Why are you saying that you have a bad wheel bearing? What symptoms do you have to even suggest it other than a pothole incident. Must’ve been a nice pothole btw. I doubt you have any bearing issues at all…but I’m not there…if I were I could tell you in a few min.


I’ve actually had a pot hole damage an older wheel bearing before. Although it’s not common it can happen.

If the wheel is undamaged, I suspect the bearing is undamaged too…If the bearing IS bad, it’s covered under your warranty…

Another poster filing a complaint and disappearing without providing details.