Loud humming noise after I hit a huge pothole

I hit a really big pothole the other night at 30 mph, it was raining at the time so it was difficult to see, but right away my car started having issues. I didn’t get a flat tire but immediately after I hit the pothole I heard a loud whinny, almost like a whistle sound for about a minute, as I started to pick up speed it stopped but then a humming sound started. The humming was not really loud, I actually thought it was another car but I was the only car around so the sound was definitely coming from my car. Anyway it stopped after driving about 4 or 5 miles. I went right back home and didn’t drive my car at all the next day.
Yesterday as soon as I started driving the humming was back but much louder this time and I could also hear a really faint low whistle sound.
Also when accelerating it feels like the car is having trouble picking up speed. I didn’t go over 50 mph but I felt like I had to press the gas a lot harder once I got up to 35mph to get to 50 mph.
My steering isn’t off and I’m not getting any maintenance lights.
I plan to see a machanic asap but before I go I wanted to see if someone can give me an idea of what coul be going on with my car.
It a 2003 Honda Accord v6 coupe, I’m pretty sure that’s the model but I have been really good about basic maintenance so it’s still in excellent shape for being 15 years old and I would like to keep it that way for another 15 years if I can.
Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

I have seen many wheel bearing go bad after a hit like this. Aftter the test drive, your mechanic will test the wheel bearing for play and listen to it with a stetoscope while on a lift.He will inspect the tire and rim and all suspension parts on that side.

I agree that this sounds (no pun intended) like a wheel bearing issue. Because that is a potentially significant safety problem, this is something that needs to be checked a.s.a.p. by a competent mechanic. And, the possibility exists for there to be other issues as well, so be sure to tell the mechanic that you hit a huge pothole.

Please note that “competent” does not include Midas, Monro, Meineke, Pep Boys, or… God forbid… AAMCO. For the good of your car and your wallet, avoid chain enterprises, and go to a well-reputed independent mechanic’s shop.

I agree! Independent shops are the best

I have personally destroyed a wheel bearing on (in?) a big pothole.
My guess is that you have too… at least NOW you have! :grin:

Was it one like these?? :grin:

LOL, that definitely resembles NH these days!

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Does the humming and whistle sound go away when the car is stopped but the engine is still running? Both in neutral and in D? What if you gun the engine a little to increase the rpm, but the car is still stopped in neutral? Does the noise change w/the car moving and in gear, when you then shift to neutral and coast?

Yeah I concur. Likely wheel bearing but maybe not all. The whistling might have been from a loose plastic panel that is now gone, so yeah, have it looked at.

You never know though. I had made a trip to the yard waste site, and had to do a 400 mile trip the next day. When I took the car out later I had a rubbing noise that didn’t sound good at all. When I crawled under to take a look though, I had snagged a tree branch and that’s what was being dragged along.