Whats wrong with this tempo?

hello my aunt came over this weekend and told me that her car starts up weird so i listened to it this morning and on the first try it sounded like it was barely turning over then it sped up and fired up. i shut the car off and started it again and it fired up like it was new.

I tested the battery with my volt meter and it has 12.5 volts not running and 14.5 volts when running. im leaning towards the starter starting to go bad or maybe the solenoid?

the car has 197000 miles on it i think . not sure if the white digit on the end is kilometer or mile number.

its a 1994 ford tempo 2.3l 4 cyl engine EFI

Check the battery cable connections. If there’s a poor connection it can cause a voltage drop to the starter which will cause it to turn slower. Once this poor connection heats up from amperage the starter is drawing from the battery it makes a better connection allowing the starter turn normally.


she just left for the store but ill check them when she gets back thank for the help tester

It’s Probably Best To Just Disconnect Them, Clean The Cable Ends And The Battery Terminals Thoroughly, And then Reconnect Them.

Start by disconnecting the negative cable first and then the positive. When reconnecting, start with the positive cable first and then the negative. A teenchanic knows why to proceed in this order, right?

Also, eye protection is advised around batteries.


yuppers sure do and dont worry i have perscription glasses with side protection