Car wont start

I have a 94 Ford Tempo GL and i cant seem to get it to start. About 6 mo ago i was having problems starting it. I replaced the starter, and that seemed to fix the problem, however, shortly after, i had to replace the starter again. Dont know if it was defect or what. A day or so after that, my husband(at the time) started the car after much difficulty, let it warm up, shut if off and then tried to restart it. It never did start. I changed the celinoid(spelling) and check other such electronics with no good results. Yesterday, i recharged the battery, had it checked, and its good. Put it back into the car, tried to start it again, it only clicks. I’ve checked all fluids, good, and all connections that i can easily see. I need some help here…Please, any suggestions? I really dont have the money for a mechanic…it may just be ready for a funeral…i hope not.

Try another battery! good luck

Have you removed and cleaned BOTH ends of each battery cable?

My Dad had an 89 or 90 Tempo a while back. Just before he traded it in, he was having problems starting the car. It turned out to be an intermittent fuel pump inertial switch. The switch is designed to cut power to the fuel pump in the event of an accident. The engine will turn over, but will not start in this event. There is a reset button on the switch. I’m not sure where the switch is located, either in the passenger side foot well or in the trunk. There would be a hole in a panel to access the reset button.

Here is a description from the online repair manual for 84 to 94 Tempos on the website.

The system is supplied with fuel, by an in-tank mounted high pressure electric fuel pump. This design provides satisfactory pump operation even during extreme vehicle maneuvers.

The electrical system also incorporates an inertia switch. In the event of a collision, the electrical contacts in the inertia switch will open and the fuel pump will automatically shut OFF (even if the engine continues to operate).

Never reset the inertia switch without first inspecting the fuel system for leaks.

Multiport fuel injected vehicles were first introduced in 1988, and continued until the Tempo/Topaz was discontinued following the 1994 model.

Good luck,

Ed B.