Car Making blooping noses gas l pedal only clicks

I tried to change my transfer case in failed. Now my gas pedal just clicks when I press it in my car won’t turn on and the key won’t go into the on position or the ignition position it just stays in lock Ace ACC or the on position. I was hearing blooping noises like a gallon of water is moving through my car even though nothing was leaking I believe it may have something to do with me having my car lifted up in the back only have a Toyota Sequoia and I don’t know I’m assuming has something to do with the gas and that might have something to do with the pedal not doing anything but I really need help really fast

There’s no way we’re going to be able to help you unless you give us a better picture of what’s going on.

In what way did you fail?

The pedal itself clicks, or you hear a click from somewhere else when you press it?

Was this true before you tried to fix the transfer case?

What year Sequoia?

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I failed because I couldn’t take off a rounded bolt on the transfer case so I put the car back together and all the symptoms started. They weren’t present before.

The only time this happened before was the last time I failed replacing my transfer case and had to put it back together.

It clicks in the engine bay not the pedal itself.

Also the key won’t turn like the steering wheel is locked

This is only the second time this has happened last time it just started working again and I thought it was because I want pushing in the brake. I did it this time and nothing happened brakes hard from the pressure building when I repeatedly pressed it. Sometimes the car won’t let me put the transmission into gear unless I force brake down. Key might turn to accept but not to start to pedal clicking sound