What's this musical note, noise, coming from 2004 accord suspension, when turning sometimes, or bump

a noise i’m trying to locate and diagnose, comes from under this 2004 Accord DX, 5 spd. i can’t locate ‘where’ precisely. it occurs intermittently, seems correlated with suspension parts’ responding to load and forces (for instance, turning into a parking lot, where there’s a slight dip at the paved curb skirt entering the lot, or when there’s a modest bounce as car travels along the highway–when the stable momentum of travel is interrupted, making for a “bounce” or some force transferred into suspension, e.g.).
—The sound is low in register, not loud, and best i can do is ‘imagine’ what assembly (assemblage, or rigging, or set-up, or contraption) could produce such a sound.
the sound–to my experience and auditory senses is like, of a torsion bar, maybe a 3/4-inch steel rod, as might be fitted transverse somewhere at rear axle area, that would serve to stabilize the sway of the vehicle, under turning conditions;
(i’m only guessing here, cause my pod-nur says, or ‘hears’, the sound’s coming from front suspension area, like when load is taken at front strut, going over the slight dip when turning from road to parking lot).
so what i hear, i imagine to be
a point on the rod coming sudden contact with another metal part enough that the strike produces a tuned “sproing” sound, the kind of sound i imagine a spring-tensioned rod would make, or like a staccato bass note, as piano bass string could make–my bad on the metaphor here–yet, the aproximate pitch of this pernicious occasional noise is near the A or the B, in the octave below middle C–i just now tested those notes, trying to be sure i’m ‘in the ball park’ in reporting and elaborating symptoms, all of which have to do with ‘sounds’ thus far.
There doesn’t seem to be any other evidence of frailty, or deterioration of handling, or efficiency of the vehicle. But my concern is that maybe some rubber grommet, or shock-absorbing hard rubber part, is allowing a loss of tolerances that will develop into some dangerous driving performance–a line of concern that one would take if one heard the clicking of a CV joint, tho my case had nothing to do with that realm i believe.
any help, anyone else hearing these things?

I figured it would be an A#…Seriously though, try getting under the car and having a friend bouce it around on it’s suspension. NOTE-wheels on the ground! Don’t lay under there while someone is shoving it around if it is on a jack or stands! That wouldn’t flex the suspension anyway, and I think that is what may be needed to find the noise.