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Elusive rattle in Accord

OK, so I got several helpful comments on my prior post describing a rattle which I couldnt figure out, and thus far, the rattle is still winning. But, I am not giving in. I thought a couple videos of the sound would help, so I am posting here. The short video you can hear the rattle just after the engine starts turning over. If you play it over and over a few times I believe you’ll be able to hear it clearly. The longer video is with the car running, changing between reverse and drive, and at each of those two intervals you can hear it also. My apology for the neighbors dog bark. I was able to hear it best when using a headset, it seemed to better isolate the sound. I thought it was important to point out that the noise can be heard with the car not moving, leading me to think that it is not a suspension issue…plus, I have looked at and / or changed all suspension parts that appear worn out. The same sound can be heard however when driving rough road. I was planning on doing a valve adjustment this weekend, not sure if it’s related or not, but there is a loud ticking when started first thing of the day, and would like to work on this rattle also. Any comments / further questions are welcomed and appreciated. For all of you who commented on my prior post “Honda Accord Rattles”, thank you. I hope you can help me here also. I have a teenage daughter about to take over this car and want to hand it over to her in best working order.