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What's the torque on outer tie rod end bolt on Ford Focus?

I am planning to replace outer tie rod end on my 2006 Ford Focus. I searched the internet for torque spec on the castle nut that secures the tie rod end to the steering knuckle.

Is that nut called “tie rod end stud nut”? I mean the stud you see in the picture.

Autozone repair guide says the tie rod end stud nut should be tightened to 22-29 ft/lb, while some say they tightened to 60 ft/lb.

The castle nut is 16mm. According to a website I found, a low grade 16mm bolt would take 60-94 ft/lb.

Does anyone have a reliable figure?

The spec is 26 ft/lbs.


Thank you, Tester.
I asked, because 22-29 ft/lb (or 26 ft/lb) seems so low.

That is a 10 MM stud, don’t go by the wrench size.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of having the nut tight but you have to consider that once the nut is tight, and the cotter key is put in, the nut isn’t going anywhere. There is not the stress on that bolt once it is tight that there is on the joint itself that is taking all of the stress, if that makes any sense. Sure it needs to be tight and secure but after that there just isn’t a lot of stress to cause the nut to come loose.

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Here is the answer to all your questions. I have replaced mine at 35 ftp

That’s why it uses a castle nut and a cotter pin…High torque is not necessary to secure the part…