Ford Focus Tie rod replacement

I need to replace passenger side tie rod end on a 2003 focus. Any suggestions? Whats under the rubber boot?

If you’re planning to do this yourself, I suggest you purchase a service manual, such as Haynes, for your Focus. The manual will provide step-by-step instructions and answers to questions such as “what’s under the rubber boot?”

I’m assuming you mean the end here and not the tie rod itself. The rubber dust boot only covers the ball stud on the tie rod end which is connected to the steering knuckle.
Since you’re replacing the end you don’t have to be concerned about protecting the boot or stud threads. Remove the nut and pound it out.

Loosen the lock nut only slightly and remove the tie rod end. Compare it side by side to the new one and make sure they’re the exact same length on the threaded shank. If they are reinstall it until it touches the lock nut. This assures that you will keep the toe on the alignment the same.

You should have an alignment shop do it and then do an alignment. You don’t have proper training.