What's that noise

I have a 2006 Dodge Magnum with a 3.5L 6-cyl engine. Ever since that horrible snowstorm we had in New England at the end of February my car has been making a noise. It only happens when the car is moving. I had to have the car inspected anyway, so I brought it in, but did not mention the noise, just to see if they would pick up on it. The shop replaced one of the underbody shields (some sort of plastic sheet that protects the engine) as well as a tie rod end. The car had about 5 miles on it when I got it back, so they had to have driven it, and unless they kept it under 10 mph the entire time they should have heard the noise. When they mentioned the underbody shielding I thought surely that would be the cause, but no, it still makes the noise. I checked myself for abnormal points of contact between the tires/wheels and the body of the car and found nothing. It seems like it would be some sort of shielding, such as from a heat shield. On the topic of heat, the engine runs fine (no overheating at all). The gas mileage has not changed, nor is there any unusual tire wear. There’s just that awful noise.

Perhaps it would help if you actually described the noise and the conditions under which occurs along with conditions that produce variation (if any) and your best guess about where it is coming from (meaning front/rear; right/left).

You haven’t described the noise or the conditions under which you hear it. Vehicles make lots of noises. What kind of noise are you hearing?

It sounds like something rubbing or grinding. At first I thought it was the heat shielding or similar. It only occurs when the car is moving. It’s coming from the front end, but I cannot accurately pinpoint left or right. I have noticed that if you are turning right, as on an onramp or offramp, the noise lessons considerably, irrespective of speed.

You’re describing what happens when a front wheel bearing is going out.


I’d agree. And I wouldn’t ignore it for long. But I might find a new shop - since whomever drove it should have picked up on that. Do you have a really loud stereo or something? If you go back there ask them not to play it when the drive the car.