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What's moving, you dopes!

In last week’s puzzler answer, the two of you spoke about the sundial, stating “and the sun moves”…please stand shoulder width apart, facing one another, and administer the ‘mutual dope slap of shame’ for helping to set science back 400 years, you dolts!

I am a faithful listener, main reason being you USUALLY do good service by the scientific method, and your physics are sound. But last saturday, ‘I felt the Earth move under my feet’ as you gave the explanation for how a sundial works…the Earth rotates, you idiots, just like your heads should after the dope slaps.

You need to correct your misshaven behavior, as otherwise, you join the long parade of stupidity that refuses to acknowledge our place in Cosmos.

What’s moving, you dopes!

This has to be one of the more stupidly constructed statements or questions I’ve ever seen. It’s missing some important punctuation.

Your language skills need a dope slap.


Really…shoddy grammar is the best you got?

I think CSA’s point was that you shouldn’t be calling anyone else a dope until you can construct sentences that are grammatically correct. In fact, even your one sentence response would not get a passing grade in my class.

VDCd, That’s It!
I Do Give Credit For Referencing “Stupidity” Rather Than Stoopidity. That Is Impressive.


How about “you’re rude, boorish, and wrong.” We say “sunrise” and “sunset.” We do not say “earth rotation-induced variable solar illumination periods.” Are you claiming that “sunrise” is a term which sets science back 400 years?

Of course the sun moves, from the point of view of the observer or of the sundial.

Eppur si muove.

“Really…shoddy grammar is the best you got?”

This is America - and the response I would expect. Bash someone over how they say something, and not the issue they state.

His point is valid, the Sun did not move (in the context of the sundial), the Earth rotated. T&R really gave an incorrect response and deserve a dope slap on this.