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Bogus puzzler answer 3/26

According to the latest results from Copernicus, the sun does not move, and a sundial has 1 moving part, not zero.

I’ll Bite. I Have A Sun Dial. Which Immovable Sun Dial Part Moves ? The Planet ?


Actually the sun does move in space. It is the apparent motion between the sun and the earth that makes the sun dial work. And if you really want to be technical about the earth then every time you drive a car you violate the speed limit by about a thousand miles per hour. Wow thats a BIG ticket.

Right. But that’s an even more recent result than Copernicus, and I didn’t want to confuse the brothers too much :wink:

Your speeding ticket would be for about 67,000 mph orbital speed, +/- up to about 1000 mph rotational speed, depending on where you are on the planet. The rotation of the earth (and the sundial) is the relevant motion that makes the sundial work.

“Moving” is relative to me, so zero moving parts.

Going so fast its amazing that the cops ever catchup to write the ticket.

And just for fun, the speed of our whole solar system around the center of our galaxy is roughly 500,000 mph.

Yeah, right…
The Sun revolves (moves) around the (Earth, and the immovable)sundial…
Copernicus was so wrong…

Yeah, right…
The Sun revolves (moves) around the (Earth, and the immovable)sundial…
Copernicus was so wrong…
If it’s relative to you, then you must be the center of the universe, or, at least, our solar system.

I am the center, didn’t you know?

So a rock sitting on the ground has one moving part? Not in my book.

Dude, that’s like saying a rock has one moving part (let the record show that Texases got there first). I found this puzzler pretty easy but unsatisfying. I haven’t listened to the solution yet, but assuming that the other invention is the clock, clocks generally don’t have “thousands” of moving parts.

I thought ‘clock’, too, but that’s not it. Think older, and thousands is right!

everything moves, even you…

Actually, a sundial has TWO moving parts – the dial face (which receives the shadow) and the gnomon ( which casts it).

Thank you for officially jumping off the deep end.

If it’s cast as one part, does it still count as two? What about the screw the holds the gnomon on the face? The paint?

OK, sundails – like hourglasses – have “thousands” of moving parts.
Even as you do, except for when you’re the center of the universe like you say…

Okay, I just listened to the solution. When I first heard the puzzler, i took it as one being older and one being newer. My bad. BUT, the sundial is a clock, and the other is a timer. A standard length of burning rope would be an equally good answer. Tell me those parts don’t move. Okay, where are they?

“measures the passage of time”? Slippery, but now that I’ve thought about it, a pretty good puzzler.

Wow. I’m just going to sit back and watch this play out. My input is not required.

You sir are technically correct, the earth is the moving piece in the operation of a sun dial, but technically also the sun dial itself has no moving parts. Where do we draw the line? Conundrum for the grey(gray) matter. Way to think about all aspects of the puzzler, pat on the back for you. My blinders re 1 moving part are now removed, I love it!

Ooh! Ooh! What about atoms? What about atoms?

If atoms count, the average sundial must beat the hourglass for moving parts.

What about atoms?