What's it worth?

I was recently given something by my father and was wondering if anyone knows what it’s worth. He gave me a differential (third member only) from a Plymouth Duster 340 he had decades ago. This unit is a Sure Grip 8 3/4" with 3.23 gears. It’s been sitting in his garage for the last 30 years. I’m pretty sure it’s worth something and was wondering how much, how desirable it is, and the best way to find a buyer for this.

I’d find some classic Mopar forums and ask around. I don’t have any idea, but I’d be surprised if it was more than $100-$200.

I’ll give you $175. Can you deliver it?

Nice! What year, Nevada? I had a '72 Duster, but it only had the 198. I did swap out the rear axle in a parking lot, think I paid $75 for the replacement from the junkyard…

Thank you, 1973 Duster 340, I bought it in 1989 when it wasn’t worth anything. 1972 was the last year the 8 3/4 was used in an A body but I have a spare 1967-1972 A body rear axle assembly.

That third member will fit a B body (Road Runner, Charger) or C body (full size) so there should be no problem selling it locally.

Do NOT turn loose of this on the cheap. An 8 and 3/4 Sure Grip date coded for way back then is worth some serious bucks. Do some homework on that unit and proceed carefully before letting it go to anyone.
What will it bring? It’s anybody’s guess but if it were mine someone would have to really dig into the billfold before I’d even consider turning loose of it.

Old Mopar parts = ka-ching!

I did forget to mention my dad’s Duster was a 1971, 340 with a 727 transmission. I’m sure he has other parts for it somewhere (unfortunately, he told me it was wearing a ThermoQuad when he had it rather than what I would presume to be the more desirable AVS. Correct me if I’m wrong since he has a few 850 TQ’s in that garage). He had to junk it when it was young due to rust, so I never got to see it since it was long gone when I was born in 1985. He did tell me that was the fastest car he has ever had (go figure, he also said he got 7-8 mpg out of the thing) and has missed it since he had to get rid of it.

Nice Duster, Nevada_545. Definitely a head turner. I would love to have an A body some day since they will run away from most any big block muscle car using the humble but potent 340 (or 360 after '71).

I will definitely have to check out date codes and casting numbers to find out exactly what this is (although knowing exactly where it came from helps a lot). I do know a Mopar fan who owns a fully restored T/A Challenger, among other things, who lives a half hour away from me, although I haven’t seen him for several years. Ironically, last time I spoke to that guy was when I picked up a 700R4 he built for me.

I think taxases is right with $100-200.
Ask around on the Mopar A-body forum (http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/) and see who bites - maybe you’ll find a local guy that wants it.
Even if it is worth actual money, shipping on large heavy items can be cost prohibitive.

Check this one out.

That one’s for a '73 model and far less desireable than a date coded '71 third member. I could easily see someone restoring a '71 model and needing a date coded third member for that year paying double or triple that.

I’d hit some Mopar forums up and list it as a “taking offers” item to see what happens.

Wow - that’s real money! Who knew??
That’s clearly the best suggestion yet.

Some forums let you announce your sale on ebay so lots of people get to bid on it.

Looks like I was 100% right - I didn’t have any idea it was worth that much, and I am surprised!

Looks like I will have to clean it up a little and get some numbers off of it. The pictures on ok4450’s link show a unit in similar condition to the one I have (mine is actually a little cleaner, I think). That one sold out of Aurora, IL, which is about 3 hours from where I live. I always heard that vintage Mopar stuff was the most valuable of the “big three”, and it looks like this hunk of metal is no different. Thanks for the helpful suggestions, and I will keep everyone posted!

If I had even suspected what some of those old cars and parts would bring now I would have never sold a single part or car. :slight_smile:

A couple of years ago I saw where a bare, original Hemi 'Cuda shaker hood went for 10 grand. Who would have ever thought those cars would bring a million or so dollars. Not me in my wildest dreams, and i still agonize over not having my old Roadrunner and Superbee. The latter especially because it not only had the Sure Grip 3.23 axle it also had the vinyl roof, factory tach, factory air, and a rare dual point distributor.

The other day I was watching some car show on a 1957 Corvette Airbox, a really rare car, and was glad I was sitting down when the guy said that an original air filter for that car goes for several grand.

I’ve seen a First Generation Camaro steering wheel go for 2500 dollars. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

The antique motorcycle parts are the same way. A while back a rocket fin muffler for a 40s era Harley sold on eBay for 3850 dollars; used. It was on my watch list until it hit about 800 bucks and I bowed out very quickly at that point.

One of these shows that does a complete car restore then resells it…restored a 68 Camaro a few years ago. They bought one from a junk yard…no engine or tranny…and it had a LOT of rust which had to be repaired…They bought it for $5000…Amazing…

Saw an episode of Pawn ***s where some dude was paid to haul off some “junk” from a storage locker. Showed up at the pawn shop with an original frame from a Cobra. You could add another zero to Mike’s example…

I saw that episode also.

It was body and frame of the Cobra. All aluminum…it was worth 50k. But the Pawn stars only gave the guy 35k…“ONLY 35K”…I wish I could find something like that.