Air Conditioning


A few couple of months ago I had all my belts change while I was getting my timing belt replaced on my 1999 Kia Sephia (123,000 miles). My air conditioning does not work at this point when it used to work before this change.

Now when I try turning on my air conditioning it does not work. I do not notice an increase in RPM when I turn it on, could this be because of my belts change or was it just the air conditioner’s time to go.

I’m planning on having it looked at but I would like some opinions before I go back to my mechanic.


That is not much to go on. Does the A/C fan come on at the radiator? Does it blow air into the cabin, but just not cool? Does the heater work? Does it cool but not enough?

In most parts of the country you might be better off going to a A/C shop than a mechanic.


The A/C fan does come on at the radiator, the vents do blow air into the cabin but it is not cool at all. The heater does work.

The reason why I was going to go to my mechanic was because if this was the result of the belts change he does a very good job at making things right. I’ll have him take an initial look at it and if it is something else then I will take it to an A/C shop.

Thanks for tip!