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What's a good car for transporting a double bass?

We bought a Nissan Versa to be able to transport my daughter’s 3/4 size bass. We can have a passenger in the front seat, squeeze someone into the back, plus easily transport her bass.

Well, my dad has an 07 Focus 5 door. He totes his 1957 Epiphone dog house bass from Texas to Ohio and back every year and he likes its ease of loadability for an 83 year old.
he doesn’t carry any extra people, so…

Minivans are great for transporting large musical instruments and several people. How many people need to fit into the car with the bass viol?

I often have to transport one or two string basses to rehearsals and performances of the chamber orchestra I play in and manage. For moving musical instruments such as the bass, I recommend a minivan. I have had 2 full size basses, a cello, my horn and 4 passengers at a time.
If you think moving a bass takes some effort, try moving a set of tympani. I’ve done that as well, but there is only room for the driver and a passenger in in the minivan.

maybe a Honda Element?

Lots of options here

Small cars can work surprisingly well, although need to carry multiple passengers (inc. a child seat) plus a bass increases the challenge. I used a Honda civic wagon (lunchbox style, ca. 1984) for many years. Now have a Previa van which definitely makes it easy, esp when including amplifier. Hope this helps, and best wishes to your son in his musical career!

Oh , now we up the ant with an amp ?

My 92 Ford Explorer would take me and my drummer, 5 piece drum kit ( stands cymbals and all ), Acoustic 371 bass amp/speaker, bass guitar, two stage monitors, two stage lighting boxes, two crates of wires/cables, mic/light stands, and tool/gear box with ease.
And that’s just when we were standing in with another band.
For our own 5 piece band it would tow the band’s trailer with all five people too.

Aaaahh…All these portable instruments. I had to choose the pipe organ, which is a permanent part of the building.

Wow a bass is a fish, either way they stink after 3 days! My buddies mazda rx3 has back seats that fold down, 2 sets of golf clubs, a big bass should be ok