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Reasons to get a minivan

Another reason the family expecting twins might want to consider the “soccer mom” minivan. While they can fit THEIR kids in to, say, a Volvo station wagon, they will soon enough join the age of carpooling. If you can’t carry extra kids, you can’t really carpool. And those with the biggest capacity are the most popular. Trust me, with three kids, you will LOVE your carpools! Hanging on to my '02 Ody until the last one graduates hs.

Agree; a minivan has the most useful space for the money. Sports equipment takes up a lot of space in addition to kids.

I have owned mini-vans since 1998. They are not sexy (at all) but they are flexible, utilitarian, spacious, comfortable and way better than SUV’s since they are better on fuel, cheaper to maintain, and cheaper to insure. My current mini-van is a 2004 Sienna with 204,000 miles and going strong. I’m trying to keep it running a few more years until the kids are all in college.

I have owned minivans since 1991 and I no longer had children at home when I bought my first minivan–a Ford Aerostar… I am always carpooling with my fellow musicians. There are five of us who often travel to rehearsals together. I can comfortably take five people, three French horns, a bass clarinet and a tuba to rehearsals. If it isn’t my turn to drive, we have to take 2 vehicles. One time I had six people with 2 cellos, 1French hoen, 1violin, 1 trumpet and 1flute where we played a job 50 miles away. On the return trip, the flute player and the violinist set up a smorgasbord in the second row of seats and we ate all the way back. Of the 4_minivans I have owned, a,1990_Ford Windstar extended Eddie Bauer, a 2000 Ford Windstar, a 2006_Chevrolet Uplander and my present 2011 Toyota Sienna, my favorite was the Aerostar. It could haul the heaviest loads and was suitable for pulling a trailer.

I Have Had My Dodge Caravan For 19 Years.
I Agree With All Of The Above Comments And Then Some.
I Have Mentioned That Besides Carrying 7 People, I Have Easily Removed Seats And Carried 2 People Plus 2 Bicycles, Or A Side-By-Side Refrigerator, Or An Upright Piano.

Kids are grown and have flown from the nest, but I don’t know what I’d do without our minivan that I’ve used only during summer months. As Bloody Knuckles mentioned Insurance is cheaper (on this vehicle than all 6 of my other vehicles).

All the plusses stated above ring true for my wife and me and our two consecutive minivans.

The crucial and exclusive feature of minivans is their sliding doors. The high and wide opening they provide, with no hazard of banging into the car in the next parking space, is always a pleasure to behold and utilize, whether loading or unloading people or all variety of items. Once you have experienced this, you too will be sold on minivans.

I am on my third minivan, all Chrysler products. I never thought I would be a fan, but after the first one, I was sold. One day it is a passenger van, the next with the seats out it is hauling drywall and lumber. They are not sexy or cool, but very utilitarian. I have moved my kids many times with the minivan, but as they have grown older and got more stuff had to start getting a Uhaul.

It’s a funny thing how many people can be so vehemently opposed to the IDEA of a minivan UNTIL they actually OWN a minivan. Most people who own them end up falling in love with them, regardless of the lack of “cool” or “sex appeal”. I think the biggest psychological objection to them is they represent the beginning of true, responsible adulthood for many people that don’t want to grow up.

BN: great comment …

Got rid of our mini van a couple of years ago, another nice feature was being able to fold the seats down and load 4x8 sheets of drywall and plywood.

We’re on our fourth minivan since the mid 80s. Even though we’re beyond the kid stage, once you get used to the functionality and practicality of them, it’s hard to be without one.

I have never understood why Ford and GM abandoned the minivan market. In my community in the midwest, there are minivans all over the place. I have owned minivans since 1991. We also have a 4Runner SUV. The minivan is much better suited for transporting passengers and hauling. Last weekend I moved 3 timpani to a,concert site with my minivan. I don’t believe there is an SUV where I could get them all in.

I carry a bunch of stuff all over - lots of pinball machines and such. The only real issue I have with a minivan (which would be superior in moving stuff) is they tend not to be able to haul trailers - and I’m not disposing of my boat, so…

@chaissos I was sorry that Ford discontinued the Aerostar. It was a rear wheel drive on a full frame. I did have a hitch on the Aerostar and did pull a couple of U-Hauls full of furniture when I helped my in-laws, a,friend and my son move. I never put a trailer hitch on my later minivans.

Well you know the old chevy and ford wagons were pretty good also ,the last chevys would haul sheet goods ,the govt went "a bridge to far " when they essentially legislated the big wagons out of existence,Thankfully there are the minivans to fill the gap between the ponderous SUV barges and a very practical vehicle type ,heck I even like my wifes Element and I have heard of instances were people would buy a spare Element to keep in reserve for a replacement when the first one bit the dust,with AWD and a good choice of efficient powertrains the minivan is a good family choice .(plus you dont have to cover the cargo )

@kmccune I,didn’t know that the government legislated the big station wagons out of existence. I thought people just quit buying them because the minivan was,more useful for most applications.

No TRIE it was the fuel economy fiasco ,mandated standards that gave trucks a break one of my writer friends still has an old Ford wagon(very useful for hauling his sheepdogs in,has a homebuilt deer guard on the front. ) the wagons sat low and had fairly good aerodynamics and loads of space inside ,with a good ride and actualley pulled trailers fairly well,because of the body on frame construction.The CAFE business in a word legislated the wagons out .

People may not think minivans are cool ,but I have yet to talk to a dissatisfied owner .The old 3.0 nightmare Mitsubishi motors are gone,I happen to think the Sienna is the coolest looking one ,with the Quest meriting extra consideration from moi .

It was the manufactures decision to discontinue the low volume full size wagons, these vehicle did lower the CAFE values. At the same time minivan sales improved truck CAFE values.

You can blame CAFE requirements for killing a segment but consider that V-8s are more available now than they were 20 years ago.

Wonder why ?