What would you get?

Assuming a 40K limit, what new car would you recommend? I’ve mainly been looking at sedans and all wheel drive would be nice to have. This is a big decision so any feedback is appreciated.

why didn’t you ask us to pick the color? Test drive them all and pick the one you like.

AWD leads to Subaru, so check them out. I think you can get an AWD Fusion, maybe a Taurus, also.

Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t considered the Taurus, but an AWD version would certainly be something to look into.

If you are interested in a sport sedan, I suggest you look at an Infiniti G37x and a Cadillac CTS AWD (base model for both). But you left it wide open. Can you narrow it down a bit?

JT, you nailed it actually. I’ve been looking at the Infiniti G37x so far, and have been most impressed with that in terms of what you get in the base model. I’d also look at the Hyundai genesis, but I don’t believe that comes w/ an AWD option. I think the important factors for me are good performance, capable in snow, and reliable. Have you heard anything else as far as Infiniti reliability, maintenance costs, etc. Appreciate the help.

I’d have no problem buying an Infiniti, they’re quite reliable, and they’re the most fun Japanese car out there.

Not really a car, per se, it’s based on the Mazda 6, and it is under $40k
Mazda CX-7 GT AWD, I got mine for $34k out the door.

Gently used Audi A8L


What I would get is a 2011 Mustang GT with the Brembo brake package, and 3.73 rear end gear, the color would be grabber blue and I’d about 3k left over for some aftermarket goodies.

For an AWD sedan under 40k it’s hard to beat the Taurus SHO.

The Genesis only has RWD. But it is available with a fairly powerful V8. Check out the CTS, too. It’ll be another fun afternoon checking out cars. Who knows? You might prefer it.

Spend $30K on an AWD 6 cyl. Subaru sedan, the best and one of the roomiest new awd road cars for the money IMO, and save yourself $10K.

Audi A4
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Saab XWD
Subaru STi

My personal choice would be the Volvo V50

Are you getting AWD only because of the snow? Because unless you live in a remote area of the Rockies or something, you don’t need it. Roads get plowed. Normal FWD cars (and RWD if you know how to drive them) can handle snow just fine.

Assuming that argument doesn’t convince you, look at Acura’s TL. You’re $2k under the starting price for the (stellar) SH-AWD with Tech Package (GPS, keyless ignition, etc) so you’d have to settle for either a base-with-Tech or SH-AWD without tech. Obviously, if you bumped your limit up by a couple grand, you could get the AWD version with all the tech goodies. I recently drove one as a loaner car while my '07 TL got some upgrades, and was very impressed. The SH package makes a marked difference in cornering. It was much more nimble than a car its size has any right to be.

Nissan 370Z droptop.

Okay, so it isn’t a sedan. But it IS MSRP under $40K.

I normally have to add in Fords to people’s suggested lists, but they have had more than their fair share of problems with their AWD systems over the past few years - not all are bad, but almost all of the vehicles that they make that aren’t rated highly for reliability are AWD vehicles… just something to consider.