Best car under 20k?

Hey everyone
So i’m looking to purchase a car pretty soon but not too sure on what to decide on especially since all cars are pretty high right now so i want to make sure i make the right decision. Looking for an awd sedan and under 20k for the purchase price (willing to go up to 25k). any suggestions on what would be the a good option for a daily driver? I know it’s a personal preference type a thing i’m just looking for some suggestions from others being the fact I’m not too knowledgeable on cars, thanks. Located in naperville IL

This site allows all your wants and needs to be input… and this is what you get,

I’d suggest staying away from European models… they are cheap for a reason, they will wreck you financially unless you have loads of extra money for service. I am not too fond of Chrysler/Jeep products either. I’d also be looking for the newest car in your area - rust is a big problem in Illinois - or expanding your search to more southern cities within a cheap airplane flight away.

Sounds like you want a Subaru.

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Why do you need AWD ? The price point will mean used vehicles . FWD will handle all most all winter driving plus make your selection much higher.

Edit: Your area has several car dealers . They all have website’s. Go to all off them and you might find something new ( New vehicles have lower loan rates than used plus a warranty ) that you want to look at .

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Agreed—why AWD?

Okay thanks. Yea i’ve definitely been staying away from European models for that reason, but ill look in some different cities forsure

We have had two Mazda 3 hatchbacks that have been wonderful cars.

Not sure if they offer AWD…but it’s not a feature I’m interested in, either. Both of ours cost well under $20K, though.

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honestly never thought of looking at a subaru. how are they in terms of reliability?

Below Toyota and Honda, but still ranked high in reliability. And they are all AWD.

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To be honest I did think that having an AWD would handle much better in the winters out here, but it hasn’t been horrible this year so i guess i can look at some FWD cars too.

Loved my trailblazer, if you are not considering gas mileage. Got totalled, ended up with an acadia limited. 2017 Rav4 has been fine.

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Why do you say Sedan when a vehicle with a rear hatch like a Honda CRV is much more useful ?

Even our 2018 Ford Fiesta can haul a lot in the back with the seats folded down.

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Personal preference… Ive been very stingy in the process of searching so I haven’t searched too much out of the criteria I provided. The Honda CRV is actually pretty nice suv though so ill consider

Friend bought a new legacy with 6cyl. He has had a dozen new cars in the $50k range in the last 20 years. He loves the legacy.

Consider winter tires like Bridgestone Blizzak for Awd or not. Brother has has had nokian tires for over20yrsbut has Blizzak’s on the sequoia.

A Legacy or Outback with the bullet-proof 6 cylinder is an excellent choice. Acceleration comparable to a BMW 5-series, but with much lower maintenance expenses.

A timing chain instead of a timing belt, no head gasket issues, and a conventional 5-speed automatic instead of a CVT. In 11 years, the only repair to my Outback 6 cylinder was the replacement of the WW fluid reservoir–under warranty.

Camry either FWD (it is all you really need) or AWD . Go on to and input your search criteria for all the cars you might like . you can filter by almost any parameter . There are a few AWD in your area that are less than $25K and they dont have that high of mileage either. Lots of FWD Camrys in your area .