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What would you do with a 1991 Honda?

It was a gamble when I bought this car, the dashboard was completely broken. I learned to cruse with traffic and I didn’t care how old the lady was actually. No one is perfect and everyone deserves a chance. I did right by her over the last 3.5 years. Repaired and replaced what every she needed. I just wanted to get through college and now just one more year to go. Hoda is her name, and she made a clunking sound and has hesitates when automatic approaches 2nd gear. Shortly after I bought her a mechanic told me he spotted a yellow junk yard sticker on the transmission. It didn’t mean anything to me then, but now it does! I have no idea how many miles Hoda has traveled the odometer was stopped around 168,000 miles. I don’t know what questions to ask a mechanic or what to watch out for in the near future. What would you do with this 1991 Honda?

How about a nice burial in your backyard. Reading your assessment of this fine lady, I would think you can come up with some comforting words.

Whenever I see a post where the vehicle has been anointed with a gender and a name, I know there’s trouble ahead.

I see nothing in your post suggesting that Hoda is no longer servicing your needs. If that’s’ correct, why not keep on keepin’ on?

My sister-in-law used to have a 1990 Accord EX automatic . . . same body style as yours

The speedometer and odometer stopped working correctly

The problem was a speed sensor on the transmission. You can access it from above, if I remember correctly

I believe it was this one

It was a cheap and easy repair

If I’m right, it’ll at least get your speedometer and odometer working again

@hlopez What is your goal with this question?

Are you wanting to invest in getting Hoda fixed? If so, to what level?

As a college student with only 1 year to go, I’d be inclined to drive it til it dies. It has a junkyard trans in it now, you could put another in it if that quits.

If you are wanting to fix it up to keep it for a while, your best bet is to get it to someone you trust and get a complete vehicle inspection- and figure out what shape the car really is in- rust, brakes, suspension, engine, trans, timing belt (?,) etc. Don’t be afraid to get two different inspections if you don’t have a mechanic you trust.

We can’t tell what miles are on the car any more than you can.

Honda’s are pretty darn reliable when taken care of.

You cannot do anything economical with this car. If you want to practice repairs and use it as a hobby machine you may need to buy another one to supply parts.

As others point out it’s hard to create reliable transportation out of this one.

Hello eddo! Decided to let things run its course. Clunk is not consistant
and car runs better with another frequent oil change. (How I miss gas
station attendees who would top off the fluids when asked nicely.) I also
straighten out her toes with and all around wheel alignment. I didn’t
mention the bad storm I encountered and hydro plane with a quick left to
dodge stranded cars in high water, only to hear my Honda scrapping bottom
on what I could not see under water, a curb and sidewalk. Guakers yelled
for me to back off and not go forward. The plastic shield under front
dangled. A good Samaritan took it off so Hoda wouldn’t look ridiculous.
Those two maintenance attentions helped all the ruckus sounds coming from
below. And honestly gave me time to assess what is the best decision. As of
today I follow my local mechanic advice, drive until it won’t run. We made
it to Greenmead Historical event and hopefully next Sunday we will make it
to Royal Oak event.

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