What would be a 3 to 5 yr old luxury Family Car?

It can be a wagon or hatchback too - otherwise a sedan or a safe SUV.

I don’t think anyone is going to sit here and list every luxury car on the market. Don’t you have some criteria in mind?

Lincoln Town Car…Available, reliable, repairable…

Lexus ES300/330/350


With that bit of criteria I would suggest for SUV’s:
2007+ Acura MDX (has 7 passenger). The Lexus RX350 (SUV) is great but only 5 passenger. Both are very reliable vehicles.

So you don’t know what a luxury car is, hut you know you want one. Why? Status? dumbest reason to buy a car.

Mind wonders
Its natural to wonder

Which one of these are easy to buy, used?
3 to 5 yrs old?
What auctions?

You misspelled wanders.

“… or a safe SUV”

What is a "safe SUV?  In fact what exactly makes one car a SUV and another not a SUV?  Is there any evidence that SUVs are safer than ….. ?   

Much the same about what is a luxury car?

Once again - I am seeking info on buying some of these Luxury cars, 3-5yrs old at a deal. Seeking info on which of these cars are easy to buy? Possibly where too. If you provide info, I appreciate it. Thanks

You don’t seem interested in telling us what qualities or features you’re interested in, so I don’t know what you expect from us here. Are you expecting a list of every luxury car on the market? I wish you luck, but I won’t be back to this thread again.

Look in Consumer Reports.

How are we supposed to know what car is easy to buy? That depends entirely on the seller. We can’t possibly know what seller you will end up buying a car from.

If you have the money, any car is easy to buy. Ask a question with substance please.

Dealer retail on a base 2007 Cadillac CTS with power seats and traction control is $16,000 in MD. An equivalent BMW 328i would cost $20,700. An equivalent 2007 Infiniti G35 would be $18,000 from a dealer. An equivalent Lincoln MKZ would be around $15,500. A 2007 Acura TSX would be $16,000. Let’s not forget Lexus: 2007 IS250, $18,600.

The least expensive ones are the CTS, MKZ, and TSX. It must be something about those 3 letter acronyms. Personally, I’d look for a G35, if the cost is not prohibitive.

“lion9car”: I didn’t have anything more than what I stated originally - I preferred a 5 dr hatch or wagon. Otherwise, I am open to 4 dr. I am keeping 25yr old car just because it is 5dr hatch - comes handy. Didn’t pay much attention to SUVs since the roads were not designed for them - resulting in fatalities - besides center of gravity is higher - in US the mkt seems to be for a SUVs not for hatch’es.

What are the MKZs are like? Fusion clones? Reliable?

You mention nothing on price.

Have you considered a Lexus CTh? Basically a Prius drivetrain in a 5 door wagon with much nicer interior and is not HIDEOUS to look at.

Also unlike the Prius its actually relatively fun to drive.

CTh just came - hence not 3-5yrd old - have to buy it new!