What would a bad cv joint sound and fell like?


the above ? on a 98 volvo v70 awd


[b]A worn outer CV-joint will make a clicking/knocking noise while cornering.

A worn inner CV-joint will make a clicking/knocking noise when accelerating and deccelerating.



Usually, the first hint, you will hear a little click-click-click as you accelerate around a corner…

Look for a torn rubber boot that protects the joints. Your car has many of them. When a boot fails, dirt gets in and failure shortly follows. It’s a slow process, the noise slowly getting worse and worse…


Typically a bad CV joint feels normal (until it breaks and the car won’t move) and sounds like a playing card clipped into bicycle spokes.


I’ve also had it where I got a little vibration for about 50 miles before the bearing race broke and no more go.