What was the name of Tom's spiritual guide?

There were at least a couple shows in which Tom mentioned the name of his (presumably fictional) spiritual guide or guru or some such thing.

It was something like “Omyan Ahspiasidos,” I think… I remember it as vaguely (or fake) Greek-sounding. Can anyone authoritatively cement my memory of this name so that I can get back to my regular life?

Car Talk staff included Spiritual Counselor Miss Dolly Lama and Spiritual Counselors Zeke and Ewell Find.
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He has met that name on at least one occasion, spelling is probably as close as you can expect

Yeah, I think you nailed the name. But as I heard it, I thought I heard a “v” sound in the second name, as if it was Ahspiavidos". But I’m not sure, and I would never had a clue before seeing what you wrote!

Submitted Neal Tomecca, oh well

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