What was the last car with pillow seats? Did you like them?

Recently I test drove a 85 Caddy at my favorite car lot and just loved the pillow seats, and there is another website I frequent that just featured a 70’s car with pillow seats and it got me thinking…What was the last car with pillow seats? I know they are in reality a bad idea for use in cars but I love them.

I don’t know the answer to the question but my guess would be a 1992 cadillac deville. Im not saying we should bring them back but I do miss them at times, brings me back to another era.

Some things are best left in the past?

The most pillowy seats I’ve ever sat in were OEM in a Citroen DS. Combined with the hydraulic suspension… Damn that car had a sweet ride.

Not that I’d want one today. Maintaining a 59 year old car with hydraulic-everything is not something I’d be up for. But I do admire them every time I happen to see one.

If by “pillow seats” you mean the seats with the pillow top stitched onto the top of the seat, the only car I can remember that had them was Caddy. I’m sure others did too, but that’s the only one I remember. I’ve never driven a car with them, but any design that improves seat comfort is a gift from the heavens. It seems that manufacturers today are more oriented toward firm, “European” seats, and I find them hard to get comfortable in. My bad back might have something to do with that.

I recently stopped by a Toyota dealership to fetch a part and folded myself into an FRS just out of curiosity. The seats are clearly designed for young, thin, pliable 20-somethings. I felt like I was stuck in a drain pipe. The seat clearly didn’t fit.

I had them in my 81 Olds 88 Bhouham. I think it was only with the Brouham package though. Also had them in my 86 Buick Park Ave I believe. Both cars were really comfortable on long drives but especially the Olds. Drive all day and never feel it. After that it was leather so don’t know when it ended, but it wasn’t just Caddy. You got pretty much everything in an Olds that you got in a Caddy without the snickering.

I have sat on those “pillow seats” in Buicks of the '70s & '80s, and I have seen them in a lot of Cadillacs of that era. When I see those seats, all I can think of is…Did they take that upholstery out of a coffin?

As db4690 said, “Some things are best left in the past”.

I didn’t like pillow seats, they look good and are comfortable for about 10 min. After that my back started to hurt because the seats had no shape and offered no support. By the mid '80’s I believe they were done. Volvo seats set a new standard and seats started to be included in safety data. Weak pillow seats just tore up the test dummies.

Exactly, Uncle Turbo!

My weird old boss used to tell us how much he loved the pillow-top seats in his badly-maintained, badly-driven Buick.

The other employees and I decided that his philosophy of life was…Give me pillows for my fat butt, and I won’t worry about wasting gas.

(Actually, instead of “butt” the correct word rhymes with “gas”, but this site censors that word.)


@VDCdriver‌, I accept responsibility for taking all the fun out of your punchline.

To be fair when I drove that car it was for about 10 minutes, I thought they were nice however I might feel differently if I drove a car that had them everyday. Some of our trucks at work have air suspension seats, now those I love compared to the trucks without them.