What type of lugnut do I need for aftermarket rims

Eneki rims, tried using impact drill to service my breaks and rotate my tires.

However looks like the guy has custom rims on my car and didn’t give me the socket for it.

Would this be a 6 spline or what do you guys think posted pictures below.

Not going to service your ( Brakes ) ?

LOL, give me a break 9 am post usually im not up til 11 unless im dealing with my car…

n look it there i used the right “break” this time LOL.

It looks like a six spline.



Hey tester

Stock lugnuts for the car measure size : m12 x 1.50. hex size : 19 mm
Does this mean the 6 spline will be 1.50 and 19mm in size.

Or can the input be (m12x1.50 19mm) and the output of the bolt be completely different like could be 21mm that fit. just making sure, looking on amazon rn for drivers.

Look it up here.


Before ordering something from a Galaxy far away just go by your local tire and wheel shop . They might have just the socket you need and you can see that it fits before you pay for it.

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I got some nice rims for my daughters 2012 RAV4 as the OEM’s rusted around the air stem, no way to fix that. The nuts for the new rim are a standard size but sit pretty deep in the rim. A normal lug wrench is too thick to reach the nut. I use a deep well socket to reach them. I keep it in the back with the jack in case she has a flat on the road.

With those small lug nut wells in the wheel you may have to continue using the spline type lug nuts. 19 mm nuts might fit but I doubt 21 mm will fit. Check if your 19 and 21 mm sockets will fit in those holes.

Got it done 19mm 6-spline worked. Luckily autozone had one size and one drive for the 6 spline and luckily that 19mm was right for it so bless that i dont have to wait couple more days for amazon or rock auto.

One thing to ask car community without doing new thread.

The old rotor screws were messed up and i ended up stripping them and drilling them out. and not putting rotor screws in the new one, i assume thats alright with the wheel there.

You asked what type of lug nut to use but you didn’t buy any lug nuts.

The hex size on the spline socket has nothing to do with the spline nut diameter. The spline sockets usually are stepped with both 19 and 21 mm hex sizes so spare tire wrenches of both sizes will work.

Those are assembly line screws to hold the rotors on.

Just like when they used to install spring washers on the lug studs to hold brake drums on.


Not needed.


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Yes. And

You mean the little small screw to hold the rotor in place? Yeah should be fine. Many cars don’t have them; lugnuts hold it all together.