thinking about buying a 1/2 electric impact wrench. if I buy a set of 1/2 in drive sae and metric set of 7 sockets would that be enough to fit most size lugnuts.

7 sockets? For use only on lugnuts, that’ll do fine. Be sure to get deep “impact” sockets.
Get a torque wrench too. Impact wrenches are great for removing lugnuts, but should NEVER be used for installing them.

Are you talking corded or cordless?

If cordless, make sure the battery is lithium-ion

Make sure it comes with 2 batteries and a charger

Be aware that the impact is weaker than you are. Meaning there may be some cases where it won’t remove a lugnut, but you can, using a 1/2" drive breaker bar and socket

Be sure and buy impact sockets, the black ones with 6 point internals. Chrome ones will cracks and fling chrome off and 12 point sockets will strip the corners off of your lugnuts.

Sears craftsman impact sockets are just fine, and they regularly have club saver days . . . at which point you can pick them up dirt cheap

A diy’er doesn’t actually need an impact wrench – electric, battery, or otherwise — for dealing w/wheel lug nuts. A 1/2 inch breaker bar, possibly a torque wrench, and appropriate sized socket is the better tool choice for that job. Unless you are rotating the tires on a whole lot of cars in your driveway I mean.

I’m not saying to not buy an impact wrench. Just not if the only use for it is wheels. If you work on other parts of the car, especially the robust components in the drive-train, it will definitely come in handy there.

A diy'er doesn't actually need an impact wrench -- electric, battery, or otherwise --- for dealing w/wheel lug nuts.

I don’t NEED it…but it sure is handy. I LOVE my cordless impact wrench. I use it more then just dor lug nuts. Helped build a deck for my brother. The impact wrench made short work of putting in the 8" lag bolts that attached the deck to the house.

I NEED it. The ol’ bod needs the help. I cannot remove a wheel using only manual tools without ending up in pain.

My Lexus uses a 21-mm socket and my wife’s BMW uses a 17-mm socket, so you’ll want those in your set. I also have a 19-mm socket that was probably for a previous car, but I’m not sure about that at this point.

17mm is more for european cars

21mm and 19mm may be the most common

22mm is quite common for many trucks

17mm is more for european cars

17mm is the socket size for the brake calipers on my 4runner and wifes Lexus.

I have a $39 corded impact wrench from harbor freight and metric and sae impact sockets from them and have been using them for 10 years and they have held up well. All the rest of my tools are Craftsman or better. I have heard that Crafstman is going Chinese. If that is the case I see no sense in paying Sears prices for Chinese made tools.

@“oldtimer 11”

Yes, Craftsman is going Chinese, to a large extent

However, there are several tools that are still made in USA, such as impact sockets and hammers


OP asked if the socket sets he was talking about “would that be enough to fit most size lugnuts.”

Therefore I stated that 17mm is more for european cars

I was only talking about lugnut applications, because that is what OP is asking about. I think that’s pretty clear, when you look at the sizes I mentioned

I know perfectly well that 17mm is a common size for other, non-lugnut applications.

OP asked if the socket sets he was talking about "would that be enough to fit most size lugnuts."

That’s what I get for not reading the previoys threads.


I’ve never tried a cordless electric one, but I LOVE my I-R 231 pneumatic impact wrench!