What to replace my Saab CSE turbo with?

I love my 5 door Saab. The turbo, sun roof, fifth door for my very wonderful dog, drop down seats. Before I start looking at Saab wagons… are there any sedan-like five doors out there to consider?

What is wrong with your current SAAB? Was it wrecked, or is it having some troubles that are expensive?

Nothing’s wrong with it, no issues with it but it’s a 1997 and I’ve heard friends say after ten years maybe it’s time for another. I bought mine after it rolled of a lease and am thinking about finding another car the same way.

I wouldn’t replace it unless you are having issues or you want/need something different.

You love your car, it’s paid for, nothing’s wrong with it, you have no issues with it, and you’re thinking of replacing it just because someone else thinks you should? You’d be absolutely totally crazy to trade it.

When my '89 Toyota pickup started approaching 100,000 miles some people told me I should trade it. When it started approaching 200,000 miles people told me it “was time”. When I had to replace the timing chain at just over 200,000 miles everyone said “you’re crazy to bother replacing the chain on a vehicle with that many miles”. When I gave it to my daughter at about 285,000 miles or so people said “I’ll bet your daughter’s glad you kept it”. When it started approaching 300,000 miles people started expressing jealosy. When it got hit by a Hyundae at 338,000 miles it was like a reliable old friend had been lost.

Gosh I miss that truck!

Don’t let someone else tell you that you need a new car. I have a 1981 motorcycle I bought new, it has had one repair. I have had cars 18 years. There is nothing special about ten years.

The ages of my current cars are 18, 24, 25, and 34. My motorcycle is 24.

I would keep it. If you have maintained it it should last a few more years at least. Your right, nothing else like it out right now.

Sounds like the AMC Eagle that was in my family growing up. I remember hearing American cars don’t last past 100,000 miles. My father used it as a salesman vehicle from 100k-200k to save miles on his beloved 1990 4runner(still has it). I used it for a year as my car at college since I could care less where I parked it and it got you to the ski slopes no matter what the road conditions with AWD.

Finally it sat as a “spare” car for two years and they sold for $700 with 240k miles but running perfectly. This car only had a single major powertrain repair in its life, the AWD transfer case chain broke and it cost all of $200 to fix.