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Revised Question RE: Saab Turbo

My wife is considering a new Saab combi-sport. She drive’s about 40K per year, mostly highway but with a fair amount of city driving. What do you think about the durability of the turbo motor? She will keep it at least 4 years.

Please refer to your previous post; SAABS will easily last 160,000 miles with normal required maintenance. But expect higher operating cost that a regualr car.

You’re not in good shape for parts. Boy, that was ignorant. After looking at the picture and the description it looks like other Saab’s. Upon further review, the car looks like it’s recommended by C. R. It’s an older model, so it doesn’t have side curtain air bags. It has road and wind noise as a standard feature. The premium fuel and lousy gas mileage would stop some people from buying it. 21 overall isn’t the worst. Turbo is what scares the people who don’t need to win at everyday driving.

40k is very easy on any car with proper oil changes. A saab will suit her fine. The durability of a turbo motor is a non issue.

My only suggestion is to purchase one slightly used as depreciation is pretty high on this car so cost of ownership goes down although incentives are heavy when purchased new. My brother has had nothing but decent luck with recent Saab. I believe reliability is average.