What to do,

Has anyone heard if Honda will be making any significant changes in the Civic for 2010/11? Someone told me that they do this every 5 years and thought the coming model year would be one such year. I’ve long been a fan of Honda, our other car is a 2001 Accord, and my first car was a '76 Accord hatchback. I keep hoping Honda will reintroduce a Civic hatchback, but won’t hold my breath. I’ve read that’s a European market item, but not North American.

So, what to do,…get along with one car until spring '10, which we can do, and see what’s to be with the Civic? Or buy new/used now?

And then Honda had to go and announce the 3-door CR-Z for next year,…

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


The Fit took the place of the Civic hatchback. I’m still waiting for the reintroduction of the Accord station wagon, but I don’t expect it any time soon. Another Euro-only thing, sadly.

I haven’t heard anything about a new Civic next year. Many 2010 models are already on sale, so I wouldn’t expect anything until 2011 at the earliest. Have you tried Googling “2011 Civic?”

My theory is: buy a car when you need a car, and I always buy used.

To your comment about the Accord station wagon, just in case you hadn’t heard, when I read about the new CR-Z, I also read about the Accord Crosstour being introduced this fall. Found some snapshots of the car online, and while it’s not a station wagon, it looks like it’ll be 5-door hatchback. Probably bigger than we need, but may be, while not used, something for you.

Well, that’s closer than the Toyota Venza. There will be used ones in a few years. I’m not in the market for a car right now, anyway.

You might also google “Honda concept cars”. That’ll show you what they plan to offer for immediate future models, as well as some cool far-out stuff.

Honda tends to keep concepts close to release. You likely won’t find out what they’re doing until just before they’re ready to do it.

Unlike Detroit, who roll out a concept 3 years before it’s ready, and by the time it comes out it both A: looks nothing like the original concept and B: everyone’s lost interest, because the Japanese have already seen it and updated their models to surpass it before it even hits the showroom floor.

From what I’ve read, the 2011 Civic will be the new generation. The 2010 will be much like the 2009. Your best bargains are probably now on the 2009 version. You should get the car for $150 to $200 over invoice before incentives. There is a $1000 cash to dealer incentive that you should be able to get towards the purchase of your car. The best thing about cash to the dealer is that you are taxed on the price after the incentive. If it’s a rebate, the taxes are assessed before the rebate is paid.