Thinking about buying 2010 Honda Civic - please advise!

Hi all,

First, a great thank you to everyone who responded to my previous message about the Ford Focus. My family is now deciding between the Honda Civic 2010 and the Ford Focus 2010. Our priorities are safety and good handling. We’ve test driven both and both seem quite good. Any advice from Honda Civic and Ford Focus owners would be great! Thank you very much in advance for responding.

Of the two, I’d take the Honda. It will hold its value much longer than the Focus, and the reliability of Civics has always been outstanding.

If you can wait until next year there’s a completely new Focus coming, and it will make the current model look ancient.

The new Focus will be a more equal competitor to the Civic. It may even be better than the Civic.

What I hear…the Focus has drastically increased it’s quality…Earlier Focus’s were very unreliable…the Civic on the other hand has been around for years and years and has a proven track record of reliability.

I’d buy a three year old one, original owner, low miles, service records, clean PPI for 1/2 MSRP.

Might I suggest that you also consider the NEW Hyundai Elantra? Do a search for 2011 Elantra, there are plenty of good reviews.

If you HAVE to decide between a 2010 Civic or Focus, go with the Civic. I would personally go for a Hyundai Elantra or Toyota Corolla, or a Mazda 3. All 5 are good cars, but the Civic is definitely a longer lasting car than the Focus.

If they are new, go with the Civic. There should be a dealer incentive of up to $1000 cash for a 2010 Civic ($2500 for the hybrid). The great thing is this comes off the cost before the tax is calculated. Rebates are taken off after the tax is assessed. The focus has a rebate of $2000 on all but the S sedan ($1500). Whichever one you go with, make sure you get the entire amount.

Thank you all for the helpful replies!!